The muddy playground

Think about a group of kids playing in the mud. Some of them play pretty carelessly; they just dive in and wash all over their body with mud. Others try to be very careful; They don’t want their mom to be mad at them, so they try to keep their clothes clean. But, after a while they realise that they want to enjoy the game, too. So, they take their shoes off, roll their pants and sleeves up and try to enjoy the game very carefully. You can say, they neither can enjoy nor can keep their clothes clean at the end of the game.

Stop blaming these kids. We are these kids. Most of us live in the way they play. We are afraid of an emotional failure so we either do not initiate a relationship or try to not lose our heart. We are afraid of economic failure so we suppress our business ideas and dreams. We are afraid of death so we deprive ourselves of foods and drinks we like. Let’s stop being stupid. The whole life is like a muddy playground. We cannot enjoy it unless we dive into it. First step: pick a piece of sludge and daub it over your face and your head. Welcome to the game.


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