What is science? Who is God?: The two necessary conditions

Statement: I believe the chance of being alive _or in better wording being conscious_ by accident is so low that we have no other option to believe in a creator.

Discussion: Obviously, this is not a scientific statement. Because it is not testable. Wait a minute; or it is?

Actually, it is testable. All you need is a computer simulation _sometimes you don’t even need that. It is enough to compute the probability of you being born if all we know is that your grandmothers married your grandfathers; leave it alone the probability of your father and mother bring you into being if all we know is that Adam has met Eve or that the Big Bang happened 13.8 billion years ago. Do you want me to compute these probabilities for you? Short answer: absolute ZERO.  
Any scientist _no matter which field of science_ with a background in theory of probability can confirm that there is a God. However, you probably need to bring the topic up after midnight when he is alone, reclining on a sofa.

It doesn’t matter that you are a biologist or an astronomer; just think about a bacteria or the earth. Then compute the probability of its emergence with all its necessary conditions after the Singularity point. You believe in God even if you are not aware.

Of course, this statement does not have the other necessary condition of a scientific proposition: making falsifiable predictions. But do we really need this condition to hold? I say no. If you have the following two conditions, then no we don’t need to check for falsifiable predictions: being a scientist familiar with probabilities and being brave.

Note: Let me clarify that probably we do not need God to explain the physical phenomena of nature. There is a chance that science will cover this regime better and better as we go through the time. But we need God to explain the whole “being”. God is not something to use to cover the gap; probably, there exist no gap in the universe. But God is what explains the “fact” of existence of the universe.