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دوست‌های سارا، دل‌م خواست کمی باهاتان حرف بزنم. یک سال از پرواز آن پرنده می‌گذرد. پرنده‌ای که من می‌دانم و شما هم می‌دانید که توی این قفس آرام نداشت. من می‌دانم و شما هم می‌دانید که رفتن‌ش آزادی‌ش بود؛ خواه به جهان واپسین مؤمن باشید یا نه. دیدید که مرگ چه‌قدر نزدیک است؟ من می‌گویم باید پرنده بود. که وقتی مردیم بگویند از قفس رها شد. که نگویند بی‌چاره چه چیزهایی پشت سرش جا گذاشت.

The muddy playground

Posted by MSA on ژوئن 21, 2019
Category: English, Personal development
Think about a group of kids playing in the mud. Some of them play pretty carelessly; they just dive in and wash all over their body with mud. Others try to be very careful; They don’t want their mom to be mad at them, so they try to keep their clothes clean. But, after a while they realise that they want to enjoy the game, too. So, they take their shoes off, roll their pants and
Quantum physicians argue that the smallest possible time interval is 10 to the power of minus 43 seconds, AKA Planck time. They see any duration of time as a consecutive series of these Plank time slots. I believe that for each person there exist similar- yet quite larger- time slots, those of which during each one he or she makes exactly one decision. Let us call one of these time slots SCDMTS, i.e., the self-conscious decision-making
Short Story: While all the polls predicted the easy wining of Labor party in the federal election of Australia, the center-right coalition of Liberal and National parties was elected. “I have always believed in miracles and tonight we have been delivered another one.” The leader of the Liberal party, Scott Morrison, said a few days ago right after the winning of the election. Discussion: There exist a few important points in this short story that
Statement: I believe the chance of being alive _or in better wording being conscious_ by accident is so low that we have no other option to believe in a creator. Discussion: Obviously, this is not a scientific statement. Because it is not testable. Wait a minute; or it is? Actually, it is testable. All you need is a computer simulation _sometimes you don’t even need that. It is enough to compute the probability of you